Station Fact Sheet

Camara Station

continent Antarctica
research domain terrestrial
affiliates Argentine Antarctic Institute (IAA)
latitude, longitude -62.5938583, -59.919344
exact coordinates yes
accomodation available yes
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Information on Fact Sheet

We gathered information on geographic location (continent, country, latitude, longitude), elevation, year of establishment, affiliates, research focus (terrestrial, freshwater, marine), accommodation, field courses and using opportunities for external researchers. If we were not able to collect all information, only available information are displayed in the fact sheet.

Exact Coordinates:

We gathered information on geographic coordinates for each BFS (exact coordinates: yes). When exact coordinates could not be determined, the coordinates of a close location, such as the nearest town or the national park containing the BFS, were recorded (exact coordinates: no).

Research Focus:

Information about the research focus of each BFS were collected and distinguished among terrestrial, marine, freshwater research domains, and combinations of these domains.